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These days we tend to be looking for our one-stop shop when it comes to our health, wellbeing and cosmetic needs. We are pretty excited to announce the upcoming opening of a brand new, progressive medical clinic in Cottlesloe “Azure Medical” combining the traditional role of a general medical practice with the added edge of being able to provide additional health and cosmetic services.

Azure have created an innovative state of the art clinic that will allow their patients and clients to save both time and stress of having to source different doctors and practitioners for their various medical needs, by having it all under the one roof! We love this!

Dr Richard Newton, one of the doctors involved in the development of Azure Medical says, “..we strongly feel that a new, fresh approach is needed to take family medicine and general practice forwards over the next decade, and beyond.”

In a world growing busier by the day where the majority of us are trying to keep up with all our appointments and hectic schedules, having the one place to take care of us sounds very appealing. Often, while trying to find a solution to our medical needs, we find ourselves consulting various doctors, practitioners, nutritionists, etc. only to find that not one of them alone can actually help us. It is often a combination of practitioners that can assist us, and this is where having a team is great.

We recently blogged on our sister website about the growing trend in the cosmetic industry for surgeons and practitioners to offer several services under the one roof, read more here. Azure Medical are taking this one step further by creating a centre where you can visit your GP, consult a dietician, have access to an emergency walk-in clinic, have skin cancer checks and treatment, women’s health check ups and rejuvenation, as well as being able to undergo several cutting-edge laser treatments, injectables, light therapy and scanning, weight loss and fitness packages, immunisation, hair removal, sleep apnoea and more! That pretty much ticks all our boxes!

Azure’s planned opening is end of April 2015 and we for one, are very interested to keep in touch with how they are going. We plan on following up with the team at Azure to get their feedback from patients and staff to see if this new style clinic finally gives us the holistic approach so many of us look for.

To find out more about Azure Medical and what they will be offering you can go to their website

Stay tuned for further updates!

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  • Talia April 7, 2015 at 10:31 am

    What a great idea. I wish we had something like that where I live. I tend to go to several different places for all my and my son’s medical stuff… dietician, GP, etc.


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