People think that a quick internet search on the web about any topic makes them an expert. So it’s no wonder there are many myths associated with weight loss. When folks hear the words “weight loss” they become overly enthusiastic and mindlessly give away tips. Unless those tips come from a qualified nutritional expert, you […]

How many times have you heard someone say to you, “Wow, you’re glowing.”? Not often? Then keep reading… Nothing says that you’re healthy more than the condition of your skin. Having healthy skin adds radiance to your appearance. For women, healthy skin is synonymous to beauty. However, your skin needs more than just look good. […]

Many men and women have problems with excess hair growth on their face or other body parts. Besides being uncomfortable, hairiness can be unhealthy as well. Increased hair growth may be physiological and not a manifestation of hormone imbalance. However, if there is a sudden growth that increases over time and has other clinical side […]

No matter how hard you exercise or how strict is your diet regime, there is some stubborn fat on problem areas that refuses to disappear. Are you familiar with this situation? A lot of people are suffering from similar problems, and undergoing an invasive procedure such as liposuction doesn’t seem like a reasonable solution, when […]

A month ago we brought you some exciting news about Azure Medical in Cottlesloe in WA opening their doors to a progressive new approach to medical care. Offering all your medical, wellness, skin health and cosmetic needs under the one roof, Azure Medical saves you time, money and inconvenience of having to attend different clinics […]

Unsightly leg veins! They are something you dread when you are younger but for so many of us, mostly women, it is unavoidable and just one of the natural occurrences of ageing. I have had many treatments on my leg veins over the years. First it was for some minor spider veins using sclerotherapy, right […]

How did you start in the beauty business? Zazi Mineral Cosmetics started out of necessity for my daughter Jenae. She fell prone to cystic Acne and she could not use products and/or makeup and she wanted to cover up. So ZAZI was born for that reason: “Look good, feel confident”. A day in the life […]

These days we tend to be looking for our one-stop shop when it comes to our health, wellbeing and cosmetic needs. We are pretty excited to announce the upcoming opening of a brand new, progressive medical clinic in Cottlesloe “Azure Medical” combining the traditional role of a general medical practice with the added edge of […]